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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to send an e-mail to info@tekliftopla.com for any other question that you would like to be answered. We also welcome all suggestions for improvements.

  • Why tekliftopla.com ?

    Very easy to use. It has one primary purpose; transmit your goods and services needs to related member suppliers in Turkey.

  • Where do you e-mail my RFP's?

    Your request for proposls (RFP's) are sent to supplier members in Turkey active in production and sale of goods and services described in your RFP's.

  • How do I follow up my RFP's?

    Interested suppliers will be contacting you directly via the e-mail you have stated. You can then proceed your negotiations at your own discretion and methods. tekliftopla is not involved in any following stages of the process.

  • Can I use the system for my needs in Turkey or is it only for exports?

    You can use the sytem for both domestic and export RFP's. When the country of delivery is selected as "Turkey" you will be asked to select a city in Turkey. In this case your RFP will be conveyed to our members supplying to that city in Turkey. If any country other than "Turkey" is selected as destination, your RFP will be sent to suppliers interested in exporting to the country stated in the RFP.

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